Crowns & Bridges

Bridges and crowns are relatively simple procedures which can really improve the look and health of your teeth.

Bridges are used to stand in for a missing tooth or multiple teeth, it ‘bridges’ the gap left by missing teeth and is supported by the teeth on either side of the gap. When done correctly they are indistinguishable from your existing teeth and can last for many years. At Dental World they can fit you with a bridge in just two appointments.

Crowns are porcelain or gold ‘caps’ which are custom fit over the top of your teeth, they are used to strengthen heavily filled teeth, as large fillings can be weakened over time and can cause all kinds of problems. Cracks in fillings make teeth tender to bite on or sensitive to hot or cold.

Crowns are also be used cosmetically to improve the appearance of teeth, when fitted correctly they look like perfect, natural teeth. At Dental World they can tell you which of your teeth would best be protected by crowns, to prevent problems before they develop.