General Dentistry and Tooth Extraction

General dentistry is the cornerstone of any dental practice and is vital to maintaining oral health and preventing serious tooth decay. The team at Dental World are highly skilled and passionate about making sure your teeth look their best, with a range of non-invasive and Painless treatments. They can provide you with preventative and restorative dental services.

First time general consultations usually involve an examination of your teeth and x-rays to get a better look at what’s going on below the surface. A teeth cleaning by one of their dentists is also recommended at check up appointments. General consultations can establish if you need fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures or other more extensive surgical or cosmetic procedures.

Dental World are a family friendly practice, they understand the different dental needs of children and teens and have plenty of experience working with baby teeth and emerging permanent teeth. All teens aged 13-17 years old are entitled to free basic dental care. Talk to Dental World about this service for your teen.

Payment options available.


Checkup, clean, polish, and 2 X-rays for $99 (normal price $189)

Basic Tooth Extraction with X-ray $130 (normal price $199)